CPSJ Disclaimer

Here at the center, we are preparing to meet the needs of both community members and law enforcement agencies with new innovative tools and applications. There are several databases and web based applications that are currently being developed and will be available online soon. Currently, the IMAGINE databank is available for use and is accepting entries from all members of the community and law enforcement agencies.. Please see below for more details.

Imagine Databank Link The IMAGINE Databank was created with the idea of encompassing a statewide community policing databank in which local or state officers, government organizations, community members and other affiliated partners and associates could easily access. It would be the first of its kind not only as an innovative tool that allows information to be exchanged, shared and viewed, it would also be the missing link in which community members and law-officials are able to unite as one cooperative unit. The goal is to strengthen the relationship between communities and law-officials and bring forth a more efficient collaborative partnership that we call community-oriented policing.
IMAGINE Databank uses the philosophy of the SARA model of problem solving. The acronym SARA stands for Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment. Individual problem-solving projects are identified, implemented and evaluated using this model to address issues mutually selected by community policing officers and community members.